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Niltox Filters

Niltox Filters

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Niltox Filters

The Niltox AR range consists of six purifiers providing air for one to six operators. The filter units use pressure swing technology to provide a fully regenerating system providing air for twelve months or up to 1000 hours.


  • Niltox purifiers are a range of compressed air breathing purifiers designed to deliver compressed air to meet current British and European Standards (BSEN529 EN12021, COSHH)
  • Remove carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
  • Highly visible colour change monitor that gives continuous indication of the unit’s status
  • Easily serviced
  • The colour change monitor will allow reduced air quality testing intervals
  • Removes water vapour, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oil vapour, smell dirt and dust as well as a whole range of other contaminants
  • Manufacturer’s instructions ensure safe use and optimum performance
  • Available for sale and hire

Width (mm)400400400600600600
Depth (mm)240240240300300300
Height (mm)50074097080010401040
Outlet Flow (l/m)1803605407209001080
Purge Flow (l/m)4284126168210252
Total Flow (l/m)22244466688811101332
Max. Pressure (bar)1010101010??
Min. Pressure (bar)44444??
Rate Pressure (bar)77777??
Max. Temperature (°C)5050505050??
Min. Temperature (°C)11111??
Rated Temperature (°C)2020202020??

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6AR Niltox Filters-6AR
12AR Niltox Filters-12AR
18AR Niltox Filters-18AR
24AR Niltox Filters-24AR
30AR Niltox Filters-30AR
36AR Niltox Filters-36AR