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Products Specialist Blasting Educt-O-Matic


The Educt-O-Matic is a light-weight, portable abrasive blasting tool with an integral abrasive recovery system. Abrasive media is recycled during blasting and dust and other debris are collected in a slip- on dust bag. It is available with a range of heads to provide a seal against most surfaces, and it offers efficient cleaning due to the 360° swivel blast head. The Educt-O-Matic is ideal for use with recyclable media.

  • An air filter and moisture separator are recommended to prevent clogging
  • Supplied with a standard adaptor (alternative adaptors are sold separately)
  • Provides a blast pattern of approximately 32mm diameter
  • Available for sale or hire

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SO1-E2100-AB Educt-O-Matic
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